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Content that is easy to understand

Earnings briefings and conference calls with investors serve as a barometer by which to judge a company’s future prospects. These days, most listed company make these available to investors in streamable form. However, the streamable video format should be more than just a tool to convey information. It can be used to convey an enhanced view, more vivid than that which can obtained by visiting any real-world venue. The content is disseminated directly from our client’s website, without the need for external hyperlinks.


The benefits of streamable content

Service geared towards Stakeholders not physically present at the venue

Most companies make streaming content available for those unable to attend earnings briefings carried out in a physical venue. However, this is often a mere recording, provided without any additional features or visual effects. Smart Vision IR makes it possible to enhance the original video content and convey the attractiveness of the company to all stakeholders.

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Video Streaming of Earnings Briefing Content

SmartVision IR Patent Pending

Patent Pending (Application number: 2016-235745)

More and more prominent companies use our services.


A Streaming System Infrastructure bridging the gap between the Virtual and Real World

We use the latest technologies to enhance traditional earnings presentations delivered in a physical setting to provide a service suited for 21st Century needs.

説明会映像xスライドxリッチコンテンツシステム=SmartVision IR
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